Treelorian Legends (Rowe)

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A light from above

Rova 26 4702

Our Teelorian Legends party find themselves aboard a slight, fast, ship heading from Sand Point to Magnamar, the book of Lamashtu sealed in lead in hopes to keep it from the prying eyes of the League of Seven. The goal; to get the book safely to priests of Iomedea in the temple at magnamar, whether to be destroyed or hidden away. During the first thirty six or so hours aboard the vessel, Rowe stays in solitude below deck. He finds himself deep in prayer and self assessment, communing with Sarenrea on a higher level than ever before. Through fasting, prayer, and focusing his inner perspective; Rowe finds himself dedicating his life and very essence, to his first love, the Goddess Sarenrea. ( Which culminates in his first level of Cleric ) Rowe awakens to his new life with a great spiritual understanding. After breakfast on the second day, Rowe wanders the deck of the ship reacquainting with his companions, and blessing them; each in turn; as he does. He recruits an off duty crewman named Rathas, and talks Rose into joining them in a game of cards to pass the time. The luck seems to pass back and forth between he and Rose, but in the end it is Rathas who makes out. That evening Calathas convinces the captain to slow the ship for a spell, so he can do some experiments with some magic items the group has found, and with the help of Rowe and Rose discovers a ring of swimming. The rest of the night passes uneventfully.

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